Recommendations for Chronic Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)


Diet Corrections:

NO White Sugar (alternative use honey, stevia are best, or raw sugar)

NO Caffeine



Take D-Mannose (It is a simple powder so can be put on food)

Purchase at:

(or Health food store)

Take: Phenacopyridine Hydra chloride tabs. You can purchase it at any drug store over the counter. Follow instructions on the bottle.



Pearls by Swanson’s (best price) Very tiny and easy to swallow!

To order Call 1-800-437-4181 item code # E3ET284

90 capsules =$16.89 + $4.99 shipping =$21.88 total for a 90 day supply @ 1 a day for maintenance dose

Recommend one 3 times a day for first 3 months or with Chronic UTI’s!



Can sometimes completely clear up UTI’s with just 1-3 treatments.

(Should be a 5 point acupuncturist)


Regina Miesch
5 Element Acupuncture
906 21st St
Sacramento, 95814
916 204-5689


Cranberry Juice “Unsweetened”

Trader Joe sells and health food stores. Dilute 4 ounces in 32 ounces of water and drink daily. (Do the best you can, if you can’t get in 32 ounces.)


Bladder /Kidney Tea

(Works like a natural antibiotic and especially if you have become immune to the antibiotics.)


Most important:

Boil 2 quarts of water with

¼ cup Fennel Seed

¼ cup Cumin Seed

¼ cup Coriander Seed

For 20 minutes

Strain and drink tea with lemon and or honey

3 cups a day for 2 weeks (14 days) then 1 glass 3 times a week to prevent return of chronic UTI’s.

If too bitter for seniors taste then water it down with filtered water only!